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  • What services does Shear Bliss Hair Salon offer?
    My signature head shape haircut Color Highlights, balayage/ombré Hair Relaxers Styling with blow dry and iron works De-frizzing Smoother/Silken Treatment Essential Manicure and Pedicures
  • Do you accept walk-ins or are appointments necessary?
    Appointment necessary, but I take same day appointments.
  • What are the operating hours of the salon?
    Tuesday-Thursday 10:30 to 6:00. Friday-Sunday by Appointment only( a convenience cost applies)
  • What should I do before getting a color treatment?
    It’s recommended to filter the hair pre color services.
  • Do you offer bridal and special occasion styling?
    I do offer bridal and special occasion services. Individually only.
  • How long do typical hair appointments take?
    For me the average time is 90min. Including consultation.
  • What is the salon's cancellation policy?
    At the time I don’t have a cancellation policy.
  • Are children's hair services available?
    No children hair services.
  • What hair products do you use and sell?
    I am a Moroccan Oil preferred salon, and I also carry Color WOW, Some Kevin Murphy (I will be phasing out KM), Hair Essentials, and Aqua hair extensions.
  • Can I bring in a photo for hairstyle inspiration?
    Yes, the more the merrier. Images are a great way to understand what the client wants.
  • Do you offer hair treatments for damaged hair?
    Yes, I’ll be using Moroccan Oil Masks treatment, and I.N.O. Hair bonder treatments.
  • Can I purchase gift cards for salon services?
    Yes, I will have virtual gift certificates and real card certificates.
  • Are men's hair services offered at the salon?
    I don’t offer men services.
  • What are the benefits of using natural hair products?
    There are many benefits for using natural organic hair products: zero to low toxin’s, optimum ingredients, less allergic, and the product’s acidity and alkalinity is targeted for the best results.
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