Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Getting Regular Blowouts

This woman hasn't washed her hair in over 10 years! The funny thing is, she's not all that unusual! We have many clients that come in weekly or biweekly at Shear Bliss for a blowout and don't worry about washing their hair at home at all! Getting a weekly blowout has many benefits. First, it can be a time saver if you are not having to blow it out yourself daily. It can also help preserve the integrity of your hair if you aren't applying heat daily. Getting a blowout at your salon can also feel like a small luxury, without an especially heavy price tag. It is also easier to have someone blow out your hair than struggle to do so yourself, especially if you have a lot of hair or difficult hair. We also recommend stopping by to get a blowout before a special event or a night out! Call 757-412-4443 now to get your appointment!

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