Thursday, December 31, 2015

Are Wen Hair Care Products Bad for Your Hair?

About the Wen Hair Care Products 

Wen Hair Care has been getting a lot of media and internet attention lately.  The Wen Hair Care "cleansing conditioner" line for example, is especially in the spotlight.  These hair care products are sold in bulk quantities to Walmart and other large retailers. Most of these purchases are far in advance, which means the conditioners can be very degraded and old by the time of use on the consumer end. Unfortunately Wen Hair products rank only a 2 of 5 stars on So many customers are upset with this company that a class action lawsuit has actually been initiated.

The Effects of Using Wen Hair Care Products on your Hair

Customers of our salon have been telling us about their experience with WEN (not recommended by our salon), and explaining their horror stories.  Our customers are not alone in this, there are users of WEN hair care products all over the web complaining about this conditioner right now.  The cleansing conditioner product absolutely destroys your hair! Specifically, people are complaining of actual hair loss as a result of using this conditioner, hair loss that quickly stops after use of the conditioner ceases. Other problems people are complaining about include: balding, blisters on the scalp, brittle hair that breaks and snaps, rashes, itching, flaking, thinning and more! All of these symptoms reportedly stop after the use of the conditioner stops.

What to do if you've been using Wen Hair Care

Since Wen Hair Care can be really bad for your hair, it is wise to change your hair product regiment immediately if you have been using Wen Hair Care.  Instead of purchasing your hair care products from a department store like Walmart, where they are frequently purchased in giant quantities, it is best to purchase your hair care products directly from your salon.  Salons get their products from the manufacturers themselves, and from specialty stores for salon owners only; this absolutely assures that the products are fresh, new and of the highest quality.

Never use cheap products. To truly care for your hair, means to buy the safe, proven, fresh products recommended by your stylist for your hair specifically.  If you have a good stylist, trust them to recommend a healthy product for your hair, as hair is their specialty!

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