Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hair Styles that go with Winter

It's Nearly Winter In VA Beach

Getting Your Hair Ready for Winter Weather 

We can help with a special recipe that will help keep your hair healthy, even in the harshest conditions!  Winter is not easy on the hair, and the heat produced from central heating can cause a loss of much-needed moisture.  The cold and damp humidity outside will create frizz and splits like you've never seen! In fact, some say Winter is the WORST on your hair and causes massive dehydration. Even your hair's pH balance is thrown off in the winter time.

Fight Back and Strengthen Your Hair

These easy-to-do remedies will provide a pure shine, a superior gloss, and undeniable beauty your hair will thank you for!

The first AMAZING recipe has one ingredient: coconut milk.  That's right! Let your tips and mid sections soak in some coconut milk for a couple minutes before you shampoo and breath some hydration back into your hair! Avoid the roots.
The next best suggestion for your winter hair: egg.  Egg is well-known to be your hair's long lost lover and reinvents the natural, smooth flow free of bacteria and oil. Remember, egg will literally eat the bacteria and oil right off your head!  Massage your head and hair with beaten egg and avocado and let it soak for about ten minutes before shampooing.
Finally, if you are feeling a little on the wild side and want to add some volume and thickness...BEER! Beer will give your hair a great shine and new life, though some have better fragrance than others...the hops does the trick!

Take care of your hair throughout all of the seasons and experience the healthiest glow! The best part is: you can apply these tactics multiple times all throughout winter.  For more hair tips, check out or today!

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